Kubb, An Ancient Game With A Modern Vibe




Now maybe it's true that our Scandinavian ancestors used game pieces made from the bones of their enemies or maybe they used the ends of logs cut off from barn-buildings, or perhaps all is lost to history. Whatever the origin of the playing pieces, what is true is that Kubb (Kubh) is a game for all ages.

The game of Kubb has been compared to horseshoes, bocce, or chess played in the grass or snow. Whatever comparison is made, it is a throwing game of skill, cunning and strategy at the highest level of play. However, little kids and grandmas also play with keen relish and enthusiasm making it a perfect family game.  

There are 23 game pieces in Kubb, all wooden, usually hardwood. The teams can consist of between 1 and 6 persons per team, with one team on either side of the field. Distinct methods of throwing are mandated, rules are enforced, and the object is to knock over the King in the middle of the field.

Modern Kubb clubs playing for an opportunity to compete on the Island of Gotland in Sweden each summer attests to the keen rivalry which takes place in order to qualify to attend this international rivalry. Many US and European teams compete on a local level each year in preparation for the World Championship. The competition which is held here in Rockford will be on May 4, 2013, at Ingersoll Park. It's a colorful event consisting of 40 teams from several states.

Competitive play requires strict adherence to distances between opponent's lines, distance to the King, etc. but those rules are often altered when the game involves children  or casual players.  Kubb is a game all can enjoy, and it is a sport which grows each year as more and more discover the pleasures of this ancient game.